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Photography/ Drone Videography

Drone Videography can be used to collect images from campaigns to weddings that help elevate the story you want to convey.
Events such as non-professional sporting events, weddings and graduations can use drones to make the memories more impactful. Glow Atlanta uses a DJi mini 3 pro for all aerial imaging. our Rf 28-70mm lens is sure to catch every moment. We can service Marketing sponsored events like festivals or parades that can really capture perspectives that are not easy to come by. Capture your outdoor marketing efforts such as billboards or sponsorship events used to promote what you do.
It’s a great way to highlight the car and foot traffic in the area. We also provide post-production services for all the footage we capture and produce a polished video complete with music, transitions, voiceover and visual analytics to add value to your marketing efforts.
• Commercials
• Real Estate
• Mapping
• 360 Tour
• Event Marketing
• Captured Moments

Our Photography/ Drone Videography

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