The possibility of planning an event can trigger a lot of anxiety for people. After all, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the many different types of factors required to bring an event to life. Even an experienced event planner can have a hard time picking the right event type for their company’s specific needs. The organization of events involves a series of steps to follow to make it work perfectly and achieve the desired objectives. Whatever the type of event to be held, regardless of its size, it always implies a well-coordinated strategic organization that considers various aspects before, during and after the event. Glow Atlanta can proudly provide you with these skills and tools necessary to execute your vision. With a good dose of creativity, organization, while supported by new technologies, your event specifics will be solved. Our upbeat and friendly staff are happy to assist with anything from cozy, intimate gatherings to extravagant, corporate functions. Whether you need a few rental items or an elaborate production team, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today and Let’s Glow Crazy!


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Sponsorship is important for businesses because they provide benefits such as increased visibility, access to target audiences and improved reputation. Not-for-Profit agencies, charities, foundations, and event managers who are seeking sponsorship support for your next event from Glow Atlanta can complete a sponsorship application. 

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